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About SF Custom Homes LLC

The idea for SF Custom Homes LLC began in 2003 when I bought a foreclosed home in the West University Place suburbs and fixed it up on the weekends with the maintenance guy where I worked. We brought that old clunker back to life and found it a new family. It was a satisfying experience and there was some money left in the account when we finished. I rinsed and repeated that process many times with similar results until about 2007 when the financial crisis began to form. No longer able to sell my finished homes profitably, I rented them and pivoted from suburban foreclosures to near town neighborhoods. Here I saw new home construction all around and decided to join the party. In 2008 I built my first new construction home from the ground up and miraculously sold it in the eye of the 2008 financial storm.

Since then, we have built many homes in Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, West University Place, The Greater Heights, and the River Oaks Area. We are shaped by our desire to create a functional and beautiful home within the constraints of the market and our clients' specifications. We love it and we would love to build your custom home. When you are shopping for a custom home builder in West University Place’s better neighborhoods, please put SF Custom Homes LLC on your list.

Our purpose is to add value at every step by guiding and smoothing the path of what can be a daunting process. Core to our value proposition is our relationship with the excellent trades and craftsmen that build our clients’ homes. These professionals have been culled over our 20 years of remodeling and building because of their excellent work, reasonable pricing, and dependability. They take care of us, and we go out of our way to take great care of them.

Put us and our team to work for you and together we will develop the place you will love to call home.

Our Home Building Process

Building a new home follows a predictable process yet one with many nuances. Knowledgeable attention to detail can make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary home and homebuilding experience. It is a little left brain, technical, process and detail oriented and a little right brain, creative and relationship oriented.

The Preconstruction Process

We begin your custom homebuilding process at the stage where you are. We can begin as early as site location or as late as bidding and building with your plans on your lot.

The process typically works as follows:

  1. Site selection – work with us and our Realtor contacts to find the lot that works for you.
  2. Plan design – review our plans or bring your ideas to create a new design with our affiliated architectural designers.
  3. Rough budget – we create a rough budget based on the design and expected finishes to ensure overall costs are consistent with your desires.
  4. Engineering – we send your plans out for the full engineering package required to design the foundation, framing and if needed drainage plans.
  5. Final budget – with completed architectural and engineering plans, we can finalize the cost of the foundation and framing work to determine the final price of your new home.
  6. Loan approval – if you are going to finance part of the construction, work with our preferred lenders for market leading rates on a one-time-close construction to mortgage loan to minimize closing costs.
  7. Permitting – with the addition of a few forms, your house is now ready for permitting.
  8. Design selections – begin working with one of our affiliated designers to put your personal touch on your new home as you select everything you will see, including paint colors, cabinet design, countertops, flooring, lighting, and hardware.
  9. Start building – once the permit and loan are approved, we can begin construction. You will meet your construction supervisor to discuss the process. Your construction supervisor is at your service. Feel free to contact them with questions, comments, or concerns. Expect them to keep in touch with you at least weekly to advise you of progress made and upcoming work schedules.

We Want To Be Your Trusted Residential Construction Company

Over the years, SF Custom Homes LLC has learned that every property owner expects and deserves high quality work, attention to detail and great communication before, during and after the home building process. As your home builder, our job is to gain a nuanced understanding of your vision and involve you in every stage of the planning and execution process.

We act as a liaison between you and everyone working on your property. We will make ourselves readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns whenever they arise.

Our commitment to personalized customer care has earned us a glowing reputation that we strive to uphold each and every day.

Put one of the Area's Best New Home Builders on Your Team

There are many reasons why our home building company is considered one of the best in the business, let’s explore just a few below.

Great Prices

While building a custom home is no small feat, our team is committed to offering very competitive rates. We’ll make sure you receive a detailed estimate outlining the cost of labor and materials, so you know just how much you’re paying – before we get to work.

Superior Service

All of our expert designers, trades, and supervisors have years of experience and a heart to deliver a superior home building service. We are here to support you every step of the way – that’s our guarantee.

Stunning Results

When hiring a custom home builder – the proof is in the pudding. SF Custom Homes LLC is known for our excellence by homeowners and contractors in the area. Built with cutting edge designs, high-quality materials, and a whole lot of heart!

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