Custom Home Builders in Houston TX

Custom Home Builders in Houston TX

Custom Home Builders in Houston TX

Each home-builder comes to the field in their own way.  My way was a happy accident, one I am thankful for.  Having labored in the family retail furniture business, I moved on to earn an MBA at Rice, work for one of the last of the great Texas banks, Texas Commerce Bank, start and close my own retail furniture business, Oakcrafters, and then lease and manage a portfolio of Industrial properties which I still handle.

Each endeavor has shaped my thinking on business and allowed me to apply my knowledge to the craft of home building.

Itching for an entrepreneurial outlet, I bought a foreclosed house in the distant suburbs, cleaned it up and sold it.  I was a house flipper before the TV shows began to popularize it.  The process was fun and profitable for a while but ultimately unsatisfying.  The budget constraints meant that your highest aspiration was a clean and functional home.

I migrated closer to the city with an Oak Forest fixer upper that no one wanted.  Here I found a venue to create beautiful living spaces at a value that appealed to certain buyers.

Having renovated and built several Oak Forest homes, I have cultivated a team of craftsmen who I trust and value for their quality, efficiency, patience, and integrity.

They are vital to my success and reflect my own values.  Together we strive to produce the best quality home possible and to bring a homeowner’s vision to life.

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New Home Builder in Houston TX

New Home Builder in Houston TX

New Home Builder in Houston TX

In each case, our goal is to create the best house for the lot and the home buyer.  In some cases we work with a customer prior to construction, in some cases we are building spec and anticipate a homeowner’s lifestyle.  In either case we are focused on the customer’s goals and desires.

We focus intently on absorbing and hearing how our customer wants to live and translating that into function and design that accommodates those goals.  We are willing to offer recommendations but allow the customer to drive the decisions

Our Services:

Custom Homebuilding

A custom homebuilding project is an opportunity to fulfill a design and construction vision of a unique customer. Our function is to listen and guide the homeowner through design process, advise on countless decisions, and ultimately to deliver that vision of their dream home within budget and on time. Implementation of the vision is an exercise in service to the homeowner. We work with a client to design the plan that best fits their lifestyle and budget. This includes finding the right designer to develop a floorplan and elevation that meets the lifestyle and design preferences of the client. Then bringing that plan to life with quality craftsmanship and carefully selected fixtures and finishes that express the clients aesthetic tastes.

New Home Construction

Most of our homes are built without a specific client secured. Nevertheless, we approach our homebuilding projects in much the same as we would a custom job. We envision a client that would be attracted to the area and the lot and we focus on delivering a design and aesthetic that will appeal to that envisioned client. In every detail, we work to stay true to the style we are creating. We have done homes that fall into the Craftsman, Farmhouse, New England, English, Country French, Mediterranean, and Modern themes, and we let the theme direct every design decision. Each home has found an owner that appreciates the function, craftsmanship and overall look we create.

Home Remodeling

I began my path to homebuilding by buying neglected homes, remodeling and selling them. This experience has instilled in me a strong budget and market driven sensibility that I apply to every project. A remodeling project that does not involve additions to the current structure can lend itself to creative use of the space available. Attention to improvements that meet the owner’s needs and that create lasting value can make remodeling projects extremely rewarding.

Home Additions

Additions to an existing home open new possibilities and challenges to both the design and construction of a project. Adding space to a home can make up for limitations of the existing structure. Integrating the addition into the existing floorplan is key to a functional and (in the future) marketable design. I have seen houses with additions that require you to walk through a bedroom to get to a gameroom, or where the added bedroom far from any bathroom. These are not the type of additions that will bring the most value to the owners while they live there and especially not when they decide to sell. Another important aspect of additions is the “tying together” of the new and old structure. There are common techniques which should be reviewed by an engineer.


Always mindful of budget, we seek every opportunity to eliminate unnecessary costs and never give in to the temptation to cut corners, thus sacrificing quality.

It is the most rewarding work I have ever undertaken. I will work hard to be the best builder you would ever hire to build your home. I care about your home just as you do!

Steven Finger
Custom Home Builder