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Building Clean & Functional  Homes in TX

Building Clean & Functional Homes in TX

Each home-builder comes to the field in their own way. Mine was a happy accident. One that I am thankful for. Having labored in the family retail furniture business, I moved on to earn an MBA at Rice.

I worked for one of the last of the great Texas banks, Texas Commerce Bank, started and closed my own retail furniture business, Oakcrafters. Then I leased and managed a portfolio of industrial properties, which I still handle.

Craft of Home Building

Each endeavor has shaped my thinking on business and allowed me to apply my knowledge to the craft of home building.

Itching for an entrepreneurial outlet, I bought a foreclosed house in the distant suburbs. I cleaned it up and sold it. I was a house flipper before the TV shows began to popularize it. The process was fun and profitable for a while, but ultimately unsatisfying. The budget constraints meant that your highest aspiration was a clean and functional home.


Beautiful Living Spaces

I migrated closer to the city with an Oak Forest fixer-upper that no one wanted. Here, I found a venue to create beautiful living spaces at a value that appealed to certain buyers.

Having renovated and built several Oak Forest homes, I have created a team of craftsmen who I trust and value for their quality, efficiency, patience, and integrity.

They are vital to my success and reflect my own values. Together, we strive to produce the best quality home possible and to bring a homeowner’s vision to life.

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